My Story: Curing Adrenal Fatigue

Are you looking for an answer? I was. After nearly seven years of wondering, “Why am I tired all the time?” it finally became painfully clear I needed to find an answer. My body was no longer responding to the many stimulants I had been surviving on for a while, things like vitamin C, protein powder with various “superfoods” added, B vitamins, electrolytes. Supplements didn’t help. Instead of feeling energized from exercise, I ended up feeling exhausted, depleted, wanting to go directly from jogging to napping.  It had never been this difficult.

My symptoms were more than just being tired.  I had a host of things that didn’t seem to go together, yet they arose together, in the same time period. My sensitivity to computers, traffic, and electronics in general had become intense. My body was so full of tension I wondered if I had fibromyalgia, and, I wondered, What exactly is that, anyway?* Sleeping had become difficult, I was tired during the day and when it came time for sleeping I lay there wondering, Why can’t I sleep if I’m so tired? My back had gone through more chiropractic adjustments than I want to remember, and was continuing to “go out.”  Yoga became painful. Eating meat didn’t help. Supplements didn’t help. My mental state was frustrated, agitated, and lower than ever.

Eventually I started reading and researching my situation, because years of various medical opinions and treatments clearly had not gotten to the root of my problem. My thoughts on commonly used, unsuccessful treatments by both western medicine and alternative medicine are discussed in a separate article. What I eventually discovered is, to make a long story short, the body has used protective measures to handle stress, and my body chemistry was out of wack.  Body chemistry, huh?  The body is made up of minerals, nutrients, and other things usually discussed in chemistry class.  There is an optimum state, at a cellular level, of those. We’re talking sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, iron, etc.  Any of those can become too high or too low, depending on a number of factors. This makes it harder to absorb nutrients and produce energy. It can also cause other symptoms, both physical and emotional.

Another thing that happens is the body retains toxic substances, like mercury, manganese and aluminum, to name a few. When someone suggested I might have heavy metal toxicity, that didn’t make sense to me.  I had never worked at a gas station or any metal fabrication facility.  Guess what? Your body can retain heavy metals from stress, and even things you think are harmless (like deodorant and fish), that accumulate in your body.  When you’re stressed, your body holds more toxins. Sometimes you just inherit these levels from your parents through the placenta. So it can happen even if you haven’t been around toxic sites. Crazy.

The one simple test that confirmed my fatigue and my crazy multitude of seemingly-unrelated symptoms was a hair analysis test.  Sound hokey? Thinking you need a blood test instead? Nope, your hair is what measures mineral tissue levels. A hair test tells you what is stored inside you; a blood test tells you only what is circulating. The body tucks dangerous metals away into storage in our tissues, it doesn’t continue to circulate them in the blood where they could cause more damage. Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a great article on why blood tests don’t give you the information you need. When I started reading about the results of my hair report it FINALLY all made sense! The biochemists are the ones with the answers. They are also the ones who can back up their science with lab tests and thousands of people who have had “miraculous” recoveries when nothing else worked. They are THE ONLY ONES who can explain fatigue with SCIENCE and get to the bottom of it, by enhancing your body’s natural processes.

Fatigue is actually a symptom of your body’s inability to produce energy.  ARL Labs has an excellent article on fatigue, and they are one of the only two labs in the USA that don’t wash your hair at the lab, so they have accurate test results, and can guide you to healing.  The way to address fatigue is to give the body what it needs to get rid of the toxins and balance its own chemistry. No more guessing at supplements or taking “energy pills.” Nutritional Balancing has been the answer I have been seeking for years. Read more about it by reading about Dr. Paul Eck, its founder, or Dr. Lawrence Wilson, who continues Dr. Eck’s practice, or ARL labs, who perform hair analysis tests.

*Fibromyalgia is a result of being in “fight or flight” too long, which results in mercury toxicity. The body’s “panic button” is stuck in the “on” position. The body needs to become repatterned by balancing our body chemistry. Nutritional balancing can eliminate fibromyalgia. Learn more from an article by Perfect Balance, a Nutritional Balancing company who trained with Dr. Eck.


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