Great Nutritional Balancing Articles

There are many great articles on Nutritional Balancing on the internet, but it can take some digging to find the good ones. Here are some that I have found particularly useful. Please feel free to share additional resources in the comments section!

Understanding adrenal fatigue:

Toxic Metals by Dr. Lawrence Wilson – explains why toxicity and adrenal fatigue are connected

Article by Theresa Vernon, Nutritional Balancing Practitioner – explains the basics of adrenal fatigue and nutritional balancing

Metals and the Mind also by Theresa Vernon, on the Weston Price Foundation website – explains common symptoms and progression of adrenal fatigue

Adrenal Burnout  by Dr. Larry Wilson – explains what is happening with the body, physically, mentally and emotionally; why and how many small symptoms are all part of adrenal fatigue

Introduction to Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis on the website – gives an example of a hair test result profile and all of the information it contains

Quackwatch Misinformation by Dr. David L. Watts – explains the truth behind nutritional balancing, its validity

Marz Bonfire blog – one guy’s blog on his progress through the program

Symptoms of Healing by Julie Casper, L. Ac. – explains the many symptoms of detox, including healing reactions, and how to manage them. This is a good article if you have already begun the NB program


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