Who can help me start on a nutritional balancing program?

There are a number of practitioners who are trained to help you through a nutritional balancing program, trained second and third hand by the founder, Dr. Paul Eck.  I advise working with a practitioner who you can trust and has methods and support systems that make you feel comfortable.  Nutritional balancing is definitely NOT a DIY program; it is complicated and requires constant adjustments throughout. Your practitioner should have experience dealing with others who have similar symptoms as yours.

The program you choose may also depend on the approach you want for healing. A more aggressive program may be faster to complete but require more of your time and energy during that period. I chose this route, and devoted my world to healing full-time. Most people do not wish that, or have the financial resources to heal in place of work. I chose it because I was so ill I could not function with or without the detox. The aggressive program I mention is Perfect Balance, www.forperfectbalance.com. They use their own supplements, they trained directly with Dr. Eck, and have been healing patients for over 30 years.

If you are more inclined toward alternative healing and good at taking care of yourself, and want a lighter program (yet still effective), I recommend choosing one of Dr. Wilson’s practitioners, listed on www.drlwilson.com. Dr. Wilson trained extensively with Dr. Eck and has trained many practitioners in the science. He does research now, and no longer works with patients directly. If there is a practitioner in your area, I recommend that because you may want to connect with them face-to-face during the program, it will make it easier.  If not, I recommend those with more experience.  Dr. Wilson lists his practitioners on his website.

If you are more inclined toward western medicine, I recommend Trace Elements, Inc. They work exclusively with licensed practitioners. They ease you into the program so you get used to it. They do not emphasize concepts from other countries such as yin and yang as Dr. Wilson does. You can find a practitioner by emailing them, their website is www.nutritionalbalancing.org and asking who is trained in your area. Trace Elements Lab was created by and is run by Dr. Watts, who also trained with Dr. Eck.

All of these labs create and use their own supplements, which are recommended to you in the hair analysis reports.

Read on: The next blog post is “There are a lot of different ideas on adrenal fatigue on the Internet. How do I know which is the right one?”


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