How long will it take to heal from adrenal fatigue?

Our culture, especially in the United States, expects near-instant cures. Nutritional balancing is not a quick fix, but it is the only method that balances body chemistry and eliminates toxic metals. It works along with your body’s natural healing systems. The amount of time it takes depends on how toxic you are, the amount of energy you can devote to healing, and the aggressiveness of your program.  Each of us is different.

Nutritional balancing is neither quick nor is not necessarily “easy,” because the body releases old traumas, holding patterns, and diseases that have accumulated for years, often over a lifetime. Rebalancing and fully healing the body takes time.  As traumas are released during the program, we may become uncomfortable for a short while, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few weeks.  After those toxins leave the body, we feel lighter and better.  The body is undoing harm that has been done over years.  For most people on the nutritional balancing program, relief can be felt in just a few months. For others it takes several years to bring the body back into balance.

Read on: The next blog post is “How much does it cost? Does insurance cover it?”


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