Adrenal fatigue: How did I get like this?

Adrenal fatigue can be caused from the following:

  • Stress. Too much work, emotional stress, noise, electromagnetic pollution, financial stress – these cause depletion of specific vital nutrients faster than they can be replaced by one’s dietary intake.
  • Nutrient deficiency.  Excessive carbohydrates, such as foods with sugar and wheat, stress the adrenal glands. Low protein, vegetarian diets are low in vital nutrients and enzymes, and can put the body in a stressed state. Allergic reactions to foods (many of us don’t realize our body is allergic to some foods we eat) can damage the intestines and reduce absorption of nutrients.
  • Toxins. They are everywhere: copper comes from drinking water, vegetarian diets, birth control pills and IUDs, to name a few sources. Aluminum comes from soda cans, deodorant, cookware, table salt and other sources.  Mercury comes from dental fillings, large fish such as tuna, fabric softeners and more. The list goes on and on. [8]
  • Stimulants. Coffee, chocolate, sugar, excessive exercise, anger – anything that stimulates the adrenals when we are weak will further tax our body and weaken our endocrine system.
  • Vicious cycle. Healthy bodies can eliminate toxins. As adrenal weakness develops, the body’s ability to eliminate toxins decreases, which further weakens the adrenals. As copper builds up in the body with weak adrenals, this impairs the immune system. Chronic infections can develop. Cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s disease may be end-stage results of toxic accumulation. As energy production in cells declines, other toxic metals build up as well. Mercury, cadmium, lead, beryllium and others contribute to hundreds of physical and emotional symptoms. [9]

Read on: The next blog post is “Can I just do a fast or a cleanse? Or drink detox tea? Or eat parsley and chlorella?”


8. Live to 110 website:

9. Metals and the Mind article by Theresa Vernon, on the Weston Price Foundation website


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