Adrenal fatigue …but my doctor/naturopath tells me…

Many practitioners recognize symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and want to address each symptom separately. Western medicine is designed to identify and fix one thing at a time.  As a patient, then, you receive recommendations from your practitioner that fix one piece of you at a time. It may be hormone replacement therapy to assist your underperforming thyroid, an herbal formula to boost your adrenal activity, antidepressants to fix your mood, or extra vitamins to increase your energy.  These fixes may provide temporary relief, but do not address the whole body system, nor do they eliminate toxicity to bring your body back to full functioning.  Ask your practitioner if their recommended solution will return you to full health, the point where you no longer need that support.  Chances are, you will need to rely on that therapy for the rest of your life.  If your practitioner concludes your thyroid isn’t working properly, ask them Why is that happening? What is the scientific explanation for your situation? What is happening within my body that is causing this? Most doctors and naturopaths are not educated in balancing body chemistry or understanding why thyroid and adrenal glands weaken, for example. If you want to cure the problem, you need to get to the root of it, and help the body heal all of its systems at the same time.

Read on: The next blog post is “What is the scientific explanation for adrenal fatigue?”


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