How do I know if I have adrenal fatigue?

exhausted-151822_1280First of all, let’s clarify something: adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue are different terms for the same thing, and adrenal burnout is an advanced stage of adrenal fatigue.  We’ll just refer to it as adrenal fatigue here for the sake of simplicity. Adrenal fatigue causes many seemingly-unrelated symptoms.  A dominant feeling is that you feel unusually low in energy, and rest just isn’t enough.  As adrenal fatigue practitioner Theresa Vernon reveals:

“The first sign of adrenal fatigue is reliance on stimulants. If the idea of going without your stimulant is an issue, you have adrenal fatigue. There, you have taken the test, now you know.  If you need stimulants to feel good, you are already exhausted. In fact any drug that makes you feel better is a sign that you are already exhausted because ultimately their effect is a stimulant effect. Even alcohol or drugs that are said be sedative actually have a stimulating effect on the adrenals. Many people get by for years on stimulants, which can include behavioral and emotional stimulants like overexercise, workaholism and even constant worry, such as putting yourself in a fear state and indulging in anger. All of these will rev up your adrenals and keep you from feeling just how tired you really are.” [1]

Additional indicators, according to Dr. James Wilson, a leading adrenal fatigue specialist, include being “tired for no reason,” having trouble getting up in the morning, needing coffee, colas, energy drinks, sodas, salty or sweet snacks to keep going, and feeling run down and stressed. [2]

The way to find out if it is adrenal fatigue is to take a hair mineral analysis test. The only two in the United States that don’t wash the hair at the lab (resulting in accurate results), according to the American Medical Association, are Analytical Research Labs and Trace Elements, Inc.  [3]

Read on: The next blog entry is “A Hair Test? Don’t you mean a blood test?”


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