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    • Hi Simon, I’m great! I am now 2.5 years into the program, and my body has recently started absorbing essential nutrients. I have dumped tons and tons of metals and am at the tail end of it. All of the pain is gone from my body (I used to live like I was made of tight cables with stabbing pieces of broken glass inside), and I am very much at peace internally. I used to feel an internal battle, much anger and sadness, and a racing mind. Now I am very calm, optimistic, and can get through many hurdles I could not before. I am so so grateful for doing Nutritional Balancing. The process is not easy, but it feels SO good to get to the root of the problem. Aside from what I can feel, my thyroid is in excellent shape, the calcium is now in my bones and not my muscles (no osteoporosis), my mind is clear with my memory super sharp, and the dysinsulism is no longer an issue.


  1. Hi there

    That’s great to hear! You do hear of some people making good progress 😉

    I was interested to read your article on various NB approaches. What did you studying and research conclude? Was/is there a better approach to NB?



    • I think each person is different, and it depends on their stage of stress, their commitment to healing, how disciplined they are, what medical approaches they are comfortable with and need to feel safe, and how comfortable they are with unknowns. I hope that by reading through the options one might gravitate more towards one than another. I’m happy to share more thoughts and answer questions about Nutritional Balancing. It has been around for years but still has a long way to go as far as public information about it.


      • I’m just interested in people’s journeys I guess, on the programme. How it is for people through the stages of feeling better. What’s your views on the dietary suggestions….?


  2. Each of us has different challenges, different chemistry, and a different path in healing. The one thing I can be sure of that is consistent is that deep healing takes a real commitment and is not easy. Detoxing heavy metals is a lot of work. It will give you respect for the body’s incredible ability to heal itself, and make you realize there are forces far beyond your control; the best you can do is take care of yourself and trust the process. Another thing I’ve learned is that while most of us are focused on getting our energy back, fatigue is one of the last symptoms to change. Again, it’s trusting the process, trusting that the body’s wisdom is greater than our minds telling us to “push through.” For example, I had biounavailable calcium that caused many problems internally, but I could not necessarily pinpoint them, I just felt “off.” Calcium can be painful to detox, but now that it is gone I feel much better. Because we have a lot of “body motors” running at the same time, it can be hard to separate them, something that western medicine is apt to do, but in reality body chemistry and body functions are all interdependent, so one shift here can cause all kinds of shifts in other places, and detox is a slow process, so while we know things are shifting, we can’t always pinpoint exactly what they are.
    As far as dietary suggestions, I have found the most success with Dr. Wilson’s recommendations, eating mostly vegetables and some proteins like sardines, eggs and poultry. I am now aware of the dangers of sugars in the diet. I am also aware of how being a vegetarian (I was vegan for over 15 years) can really hurt your chemistry. I was still using some alcohol, sugar and gluten early in the program until I practiced my way into not eating them. Now when I try any of them it is quite obvious how they affect me. Starting with the basics and sticking to the basics (veggies and some protein and light grains) in the beginning takes getting used to, and if you can create good habits then you can add other things to see how they affect you, and couple that with reading Dr. Wilson’s articles to make sure you’re not hurting yourself somehow. I had to stay away from nightshades for a while because they gave me headaches. Now that I’m better, that’s not the case. It takes discipline, support and iterating to know exactly what’s best for you. Listening to your body takes practice, and that is a great way to do it.


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