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How do I know if I have adrenal fatigue?

A hair test for adrenal fatigue? That doesn’t seem right. Don’t you mean a blood test?

Adrenal fatigue: Can I just rest? Or eat better?

Adrenal fatigue: But my doctor/naturopath tells me…

What is the scientific explanation for adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is toxic metals? I’ve never been in an environment with toxic metals. This doesn’t make sense.

Adrenal fatigue: How did I get like this?

Can I just do a fast or a cleanse? Or drink detox tea? Or eat parsley and chlorella?

Can I just get rid of one metal at a time?

Is there a cure for adrenal fatigue? Can I realistically recover from this?

So I do a hair mineral analysis test, and then what?

Internet articles say hair tests are a scam. Are they?

How long will it take to heal from adrenal fatigue?

How much does nutritional balancing cost? Will insurance cover it?

Who can help me get started on a nutritional balancing program?

There are a lot of different ideas about adrenal fatigue on the Internet. How do I know which is the right one?

What can nutritional balancing do for me?

Brilliant scientific explanations from Nutritional Balancing science: just to name a few

How can I find testimonials and more information on nutritional balancing to heal adrenal fatigue?

My story: curing adrenal fatigue


Adrenal Fatigue: Can I just rest? Or eat better?

Kale saladIf you have adrenal fatigue, rest and eating better will help, but unfortunately not cure you. Dr. Lawrence Wilson, an international expert on adrenal fatigue, writes about the many myths of adrenal burnout. Among them are these:

Myth #12.  Plenty of sleep will take care of burnout. Unfortunately, this is not so. The person in burnout  is unable to regenerate itself adequately during sleep.  In fact, waking up tired after 8-10 hours of sleep is a primary symptom of burnout.   Like a weak battery, the body does not recharge itself during sleep.

Myth #13.  Cleaning out toxins will take care of burnout. The accumulation of toxins that occurs as the body can no longer remove them properly contributes to burnout. Exposure to toxic metals or chemicals can be an important factor in burnout.  Eliminating them is helpful.  However, energy is required to release toxins. If the energy system is weak, just fasting or detoxifying will not be enough.  Fasting, in fact, can and usually does make the situation worse.

           One must rebuild the entire energy system by balancing body chemistry and providing nutrients as well.  A one-month or even six-month ‘cleanse’ is nowhere near adequate.  It can take over a year just to replenish one mineral.

           A gentle, complete program of rebuilding and nourishing the body must accompany any efforts to eliminate toxins.  In fact, as vitality improves, toxin elimination will proceed on its own.

Myth # 14.  One will come out of burnout when one changes whatever factor or behavior caused the burnout. This means that if you just quit your stressful job or your stressful marriage, you will recover from burnout.

I wish this were true.  It is not how it works, however.   As one goes into burnout, vital minerals become depleted and toxic substances replace them. The toxic metals become part of the structure of enzymes and even parts of organs and glands.  For this reason, although one changes one’s diet, lifestyle, attitudes or behavior, the toxins remain.  This is very frustrating for people who expect a recovery after they leave a stressful situation such as a bad marriage, for instance. [6]

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6. Dr. Lawrence Wilson website:

Adrenal fatigue …but my doctor/naturopath tells me…

Many practitioners recognize symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and want to address each symptom separately. Western medicine is designed to identify and fix one thing at a time.  As a patient, then, you receive recommendations from your practitioner that fix one piece of you at a time. It may be hormone replacement therapy to assist your underperforming thyroid, an herbal formula to boost your adrenal activity, antidepressants to fix your mood, or extra vitamins to increase your energy.  These fixes may provide temporary relief, but do not address the whole body system, nor do they eliminate toxicity to bring your body back to full functioning.  Ask your practitioner if their recommended solution will return you to full health, the point where you no longer need that support.  Chances are, you will need to rely on that therapy for the rest of your life.  If your practitioner concludes your thyroid isn’t working properly, ask them Why is that happening? What is the scientific explanation for your situation? What is happening within my body that is causing this? Most doctors and naturopaths are not educated in balancing body chemistry or understanding why thyroid and adrenal glands weaken, for example. If you want to cure the problem, you need to get to the root of it, and help the body heal all of its systems at the same time.

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What is the scientific explanation for adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue, or adrenal burnout (a more extreme stage of adrenal fatigue) is “a major breakdown in the energy-producing systems of the body.” [7] The adrenal glands are overtaxed (that help us adapt to stress), and our bodies have accumulated toxic metals as a result, as a temporary stopgap measure – unfortunately with negative long-term impact. Toxic metals are everywhere around all of us, in our drinking water, air, food and products. These metals include copper, aluminum, mercury, nickel, and others. Toxicity causes the body’s mineral levels to be off, and inhibits absorption. In a healthy state, we absorb and utilize calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other minerals to perform bodily functions. If these levels and ratios are off, our body does not function as well. Symptoms of this include fatigue, brain fog, emotional upset, and more.

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7. Analytical Research Labs website

Adrenal fatigue is toxic metals? I’ve never been in an environment with toxic metals. This doesn’t make sense.

MercuryToxic metals are everywhere, in our water, food, deodorant, even in our mother’s womb. A healthy body and emotional state allows us to eliminate metals from our body. If we are in a weak or stressed state, however, our body grabs onto toxic metals as a temporary stop-gap measure in place of essential minerals. If we stay in a stressed state, our bodies retain the metals instead of eliminating them. Most of us are born with some toxicity, and continue to accumulate toxins throughout our lives.

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Adrenal fatigue: How did I get like this?

Adrenal fatigue can be caused from the following:

  • Stress. Too much work, emotional stress, noise, electromagnetic pollution, financial stress – these cause depletion of specific vital nutrients faster than they can be replaced by one’s dietary intake.
  • Nutrient deficiency.  Excessive carbohydrates, such as foods with sugar and wheat, stress the adrenal glands. Low protein, vegetarian diets are low in vital nutrients and enzymes, and can put the body in a stressed state. Allergic reactions to foods (many of us don’t realize our body is allergic to some foods we eat) can damage the intestines and reduce absorption of nutrients.
  • Toxins. They are everywhere: copper comes from drinking water, vegetarian diets, birth control pills and IUDs, to name a few sources. Aluminum comes from soda cans, deodorant, cookware, table salt and other sources.  Mercury comes from dental fillings, large fish such as tuna, fabric softeners and more. The list goes on and on. [8]
  • Stimulants. Coffee, chocolate, sugar, excessive exercise, anger – anything that stimulates the adrenals when we are weak will further tax our body and weaken our endocrine system.
  • Vicious cycle. Healthy bodies can eliminate toxins. As adrenal weakness develops, the body’s ability to eliminate toxins decreases, which further weakens the adrenals. As copper builds up in the body with weak adrenals, this impairs the immune system. Chronic infections can develop. Cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s disease may be end-stage results of toxic accumulation. As energy production in cells declines, other toxic metals build up as well. Mercury, cadmium, lead, beryllium and others contribute to hundreds of physical and emotional symptoms. [9]

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8. Live to 110 website:

9. Metals and the Mind article by Theresa Vernon, on the Weston Price Foundation website

Can I just do a fast or a cleanse? Or drink detox tea? Or eat parsley and chlorella?

Green-Smoothie-blume-shutterstock_56192113Quick detoxification methods can clear some toxicity. Some are not strong enough to be effective. Some that are, including chelating programs such as DMSA and Vitamin C, also pull out essential nutrients. There is more to the process than just flushing ourselves out.  Because metals accumulate over a long period of time, eliminating them requires a comprehensive detoxification effort, one that also ensures balancing the essential minerals we need. To avoid having toxins circulating in our blood, where they may damage what they come in contact with, our bodies store toxic metals in our tissues.  In order to remove the toxins, we need to provide the body with the nutrient support it needs to be able to pull the toxins out of their storage sites and out of the body.  Only with adding the right nutrients in balanced, high doses (through supplements and food) and utilizing elimination methods will the body fully detoxify.  Nutritional balancing is the science that figured out how to support (and restore) the body while also eliminating the bad guys.

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